I didn’t die!

I had a dentist appointment, I hate the dentist. Every time I leave the office I’m in pain and broke. I have dental insurance but weirdly I still feel as if I’m being robbed, I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way. The worst part, they always want me to go back! Why?! Why?! I don’t want to go back. I don’t like you. Leave me alone! Of course I’m the one that called to schedule the appointment and they are always so nice and my dentist is awesome and has the best sense of humor, nothing against him personally, I just hate all the little tiny tools he uses and the buzzing and scraping. I hate it all! I would rather burn my finger on a hot pan, stub my toe on the corner of the couch, burn my forehead while curling my hair, bite my tongue or all four of those things at once instead of going to the dentist. My appointment was scheduled for 1pm, which is the time I was suppose to do my workout at. Score! I don’t have to workout I think to myself, day two and I already want to quit. Maybe today I can take a rest day, after all I went to the dentist and I’m not feeling my best (excuses). That tiny little voice in my head laughs “a rest day! You’re barley on day two!” I wish it would shut up and leave me alone, but it doesn’t all day I hear it, while I’m sitting on the couch, while I’m cooking, while I’m driving, while I’m thinking about jumping in the shower! Fine the voice wins! It’s 9:30pm everyone is asleep, I’m still awake because moms never go to bed at the same time as everyone else. I was picking up and getting things a bit organized before the next day, because that’s just what moms do. I look up HIIT for beginners on YouTube, fill a 24oz bottle full of water and ice, put my shoes on, throw my hair in a ponytail, press play and get it done. The entire time resenting that stupid little voice in my head. 30 minutes later, I’m done, sweaty, achy, and out of breath, but I did it and I didn’t die! Sometimes we just have to listen to the little voice in our head. 

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Hello my friends! I’m a wife and mommy. Living the Keto lifestyle, drinking my daily cup or cups of coffee and creating amazingly delicious Keto/LCHF friendly recipes for myself, my family & for all of you. Thank You for being here.

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