Proud Mommy

I woke up at 5:45am because my 6 year old was going to be recieving an award at school. I had planned on waking up early enough to get myself ready, but with a 10 month old things don’t always go as planned. I managed to get my son to the bus on time, get both my girls ready and fed, I even made myself my usual bulletproof coffee, but by the time I looked at the clock it was 7:30am, school begins at 7:45am, the awards assembly began at 8am. I ran out of time, I threw on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt that reads #momlife and put my hair up in a bun. Packed the stroller in the car, got my girls in, and left. My husband was going to meet me at the school, he still had to get ready to head to work afterwards. Once we arrived to school and my daughter ran off to her classroom, I immediately felt the stress lift off my shoulders, we made it on time, right exactly at 7:45am. I waited for my husband and then we went to sit down in the school multi-purpose room. The award ceremony began, slowly they called the kids by classroom, finally it was my daughters classroom, she received an award for perfect attendance, I was under the impression she would also be receiving another award although the teacher didn’t disclose what is was for. Almost at the end of the award ceremony the principal begins to speak about how all the kindergarten teachers get together at the end of the school year to pick one student that will be receiving the “Principal’s Award” he continues speaking and says this student is helpful, kind, compassionate, caring, is always on time and ready to learn, always willing to lend a hand and going above and beyond, then he calls up my daughter, everyone begins to clap. I instantly feel this feeling of joy and overwhelming happiness. That’s my girl I think to myself that’s my baby he’s speaking of. As I walk up to take pictures of her with her teacher and her principal, the principal asks me to step up on stage to take a picture with them, he begins to speak about me, he begins to say I should be so very proud of what a wonderful job I’m doing and how I am such a great example of a mother, and not everyone receives this award and I look to the audience and feel overwhelmed with emotions because sometimes I don’t feel that I am a wonderful mom, somedays I feel as if I’m barley getting by, somedays I feel like a mediocre mother. I constantly worry about whether I’m doing things right, I yell more often than I’d like to admit and I’m sure if you’re a mommy you’ve had some of the same feelings too, but as I stood up there I felt so proud of myself and my daughter, and thought yes, I should be proud. It’s not easy being a mommy some days are more difficult than others but in this very moment I knew, I am doing something right.

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Hello my friends! I’m a wife and mommy. Living the Keto lifestyle, drinking my daily cup or cups of coffee and creating amazingly delicious Keto/LCHF friendly recipes for myself, my family & for all of you. Thank You for being here.

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