Kids, Chaos & Coffee!


My kiddos are officially out for summer break and I couldn’t be happier, or could I? Let me start off by saying I love my little humans, but this is the first time I will be completely outnumbered, 3 kids against 1 mommy! Phewww! Even just typing that makes me feel a bit nervous. Somedays my kids get along very nicely but other days it’s as if they are fighting to the death. Keeping them all busy and entertained from the moment the wake up until they go to bed will definitely be quit exhausting. Going out and doing activities will be somewhat tricky with a 10 month old on a nap schedule, last thing we need is a cranky sleepy baby, while trying to hit the children’s discovery museum or the public library or really anywhere else for that matter. Perhaps I’m overthinking and over stressing and it will all be a breeze, all three kids will be well behaved and play nicely all summer long, a girl can dream. I can guarantee there will be a lot of chaos & most definitely a whole lot of coffee to help me get through these long summer days ahead of me, but I’ll try to enjoy every single day because my babies will not be babies forever.

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Hello my friends! I’m a wife and mommy. Living the Keto lifestyle, drinking my daily cup or cups of coffee and creating amazingly delicious Keto/LCHF friendly recipes for myself, my family & for all of you. Thank You for being here.

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